Friday, December 31, 2010

Wingnuts at Free Republic go ape@!& over Elton John's new son

The news that Elton John and his husband of 12 years, David Furnish, are the fathers of a baby boy via surrogate received congratulations from many circles.

That is except for the rabid wolves, bloodsuckers, harpies, orcs, and ogres at the right-wing site Free Republic. They aren't exactly happy about the news. On the Free Republic newsboard, responders left many homophobic comments.

Some were as follows:

  • They want acceptance to their perverted lifestyle. God won’t accept them, so their next best chance at acceptance is through a politically correct populace that has been desensitized to this lifestyle for a couple of decades now through media and culture.
  • They don’t care about being a family. Two male homos now have full access to a little boy. How sad for that child.
  • the real evil is any woman being a surrogate for this perversion....
  • “They” did not make the child. One of them provided the sperm, and a female provided the egg and the womb. This is not “their” child. They are living in a fantasy world where just because they can call what they have a family or a marriage, it makes it so. And I am positive that at some point, the child will learn enough to wonder who the biological father and mother really is. I wonder what PC line of BS they will feed to that child to get him to shut up.
  • In the 70’s the gays couldn’t deny they were freaks and counter culture as it was so unacceptable back then, which is why gays stayed in the closet. Now since the desensitized image of who gays are due to Hollywood and the media, gays are more brazen and want equal rights as that of traditional heterosexual married couples. I think the man / woman roles in a gay couple; also looking for children and being considered legally married may also be part of this ploy to get their lives looked upon as “normal” by the powers that be to make legislation happen to give them a leg up.
  • Could someone explain to me why the gays want all want to act as a heterosexual family????

Believe it or not, those were some of the more polite comments.

I know you want to get angry at this, but don't. I posted this to provide some perspective as we pivot from 2010 to 2011.

In the long run, the folks on Free Republic are a bunch of sad creatures who can't cause any harm except probably to their fingers with the enormity of nonsense they type.

They are a perfect example that unfortunately in some circles, homophobia will always exist just like racism and other forms of prejudice will always exist. We will probably never conquer it.

But the important thing is that we don't let it conquer us. 2010 was one of the best years I have seen for the lgbt community and if God is merciful, 2011 will be better.

When push comes to shove, let the ignorant people talk and whine. Let's continue to move forward as a people because no matter how much they talk, they can't stop us. We have survived worse and we are still here.

And when the folks at Free Republic dry up and blow away (or get a crucifix branded on their chests, shot by a silver bullet, have a stake embedded in their hearts, get chased away by holy water, whichever), we will still be here.

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Ahab said...

Across the pond, BBC is coming under scrutiny for a commentator it chose for its Elton John coverage.

Daniel said...

I am a huge Elton John fan. But whether it's his family that's being scrutinized, or any gay person's family, for that matter, it's just plain wrong to say that gay people are unfit to raise a family.

WMDKitty said...

Didn't take long for the Freepers to latch on to this one. *sigh*

What I want to know is, by what logic is this child "not theirs"? They are the legal parents, they are providing for the child, they are raising the child as their own. If that doesn't make them the parents, what does?

Parenting isn't about anatomy or genetics, it's about love. Something the Freepers didn't get enough of as children, I suspect.