Sunday, July 18, 2010

So much for NO tea party racism - Mark Williams expelled from National Tea Party Federation

This is an excellent exchange between the NAACP's Bejamin Jealous and African-American tea party leader David Webb.

I apologize for not having the transcript, but here are the main points:

Jealous makes a good point about the New National Black Panther Party at 2:46. It is an excellent comparison between the NNPPA and the NAACP as opposed to the racist elements in the tea party movement.

But a better point is made before than by Webb at 1:22. He says that Mark Williams (the author of "the Abraham Lincoln Letter") and his group Tea Party Express have been expelled from the National Tea Party Federation specifically because of "the Abraham Lincoln Letter."

But wouldn't that be an admittance of racist elements in the tea party movement?

And I thought Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, AND Fox News said that there were no racist elements in the tea party movement.

So much for truth in politics.

Editor's Note - I apologize to those who feel that I am deviating from lgbt issues to address this situation. But to me, it's all connected.

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