Sunday, July 03, 2011

Picture of NOM's Brian Brown crying over NY loss is simply pitiful

It's been said that when marriage equality passed in the New York Senate, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown openly cried with sadness in the galley.

Thanks to Rich Murray, an activist with Queer Rising, we now have proof of this:

Now some may think that I am simply gloating over this but my reason for posting this picture is a bit more complicated. I have a few questions

Just why in the hell is Brian Brown crying? His marriage isn't affected by what happened in NY. His money situation hasn't been hurt. If anything - based on the ridiculous "we may be down but we aren't licked yet" tone he and the rest who are against marriage equality have taken in a recent New York Times article, one can easily predict some financial raises in Brown's future.

And don't give me that existential, hypothetical crap that "marriage has been redefined for the worse." It's a cute boardroom argument which has absolutely no basis in the real world - and the Prop 8 ruling last year (in which neither Brown nor any of the other "traditional marriage defenders" from NOM bothered to testify) backs me up on that point.
There is no getting around the fact that Brown's weeping - an action comparable to that of a spoiled, petulant child throwing a tantrum because he simply can't get his way -  epitomizes the entire movement against marriage equality so far. 

To prove the supposed "dangers" of  marriage equality, (there are no dangers by the way), the opposition  has had to rely on either ridiculous arguments with no basis in concrete fact (same-sex couples will taint the "truthiness" of marriage), lies bordering on vicious group slander (marriage equality is a way to recruit children), or horror stories about religious exemptions (churches will be "forced" to marry gay couples).

Their lack of a true argument says a lot about their position. And the tears of their leaders when they don't win says a lot about their maturity - or lack thereof.

How can one weep in sadness over the fact that NY same-sex couples will be able to legally declare their love for one another and protect their families?

In life, there are moments we should weep about with sadness. Your fellow American gaining a measure of equality is NOT one of those moments.

Hat tip to Pam's House Blend.

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