Wednesday, April 04, 2012

'Minnesota students rebel against anti-gay lecture' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Minnesota Catholic High Schoolers Not Happy With Mandatory Marriage Discrimination Lecture - A story both sad and empowering. And it's got NOM's dirty fingerprints all over it.

Holy week in Maryland: Hide the eggs, not the naked politicking - And the Catholic Church is pushing other nonsense in Maryland.

Another few laps: Reports of Prop 5′s demise are premature (& proof Minnery knew he was spreading false information) - The tale of Prop 5's defeat in Anchorage, AL (which I posted about this morning) is getting more and more interesting.

Rep. Steve King Proposes A Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Approach To Gays In The Workplace - Because after all, why would gays want to talk about their families or have pictures of their loved ones at their desk. Heterosexuals don't do that. Oh wait . . .

Liberian Leaflets Call for Vigilante Actions Against Gays - How nice. A gay 'hit list' in Liberia.

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