Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Homophobic tweets made into a powerful, hard-to-watch PSA

This is a difficult PSA to watch. And it's supposed to be:

 From Equalitopia:

Charlotte Moore from Raleigh, North Carolina has created a PSA against homophobia after the Twitter hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild attracted homophobes to publicly announce that they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

#ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic on Twitter a few weeks ago, and while most people used it to write loving tweets to their future children, some homophobes decided to do just the opposite.

@Homophobes, a Twitter account that retweets homophobes to expose their ignorance, published an article of 100 extremely homophobic tweets, which gained quite a bit of attention around the web.

Charlotte Moore was inspired, and decided to write and direct a PSA using the tweets. The video was produced by Brian Lee and Nick Heim.

From the video’s description:
I got the idea on a Thursday. By Sunday, we — me, my boyfriend, and whatever friends we could find to help us — had it filmed.

It’s easy to dehumanize hate speech online because we’ve gotten so used to seeing it. We tell ourselves that it’s the product of trolls, of random, anonymous strangers.

Except they’re not. They’re real people. Many of them will be parents. And some of their children will be gay.

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cutipie said...

I am disgusted with these hatred people that are not worth the breath of fresh air. I cannot believe these people are given the opportunity to be so lucky as have a child one day they have no respect no love and so much evil. They really are the rot of this earth. People as narrow and sadistically minded as these bullies should not be granted the incredible gift of a baby they deserve nothing more than a lack of oxygen on a dying planet.

Anonymous said...

Left me speechless. I think about all the online hate speech I see and think about how this is what is really people's heart. What a sad place we have become.

Anonymous said...

please confirm. These are REAL vidoes, from REAL people?, just so when I share with the entire world, I am giving valid info. This video seriously brought me to tears.

BlackTsunami said...

Folks, allow me to clear up confusion. The people in the video do not believe these things. However, they are repeating actual tweets made by real people. Please read the post.

Anonymous said...

that is very disturbting...yes I knew they didnt believe that. I can image how they would act such as with a smile while doing those horrendous things. Another thing is I thought they were against abortion...mmmm oh yes hypocrites is what theya are.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am wondering how one would go about using this PSA? I work with a ministry of the United Church of Canada and we are running a workshop at a national church event challenging the congregations and courts of the church to take public stands against bullying. This would be a powerful addition to our work. if you could let me know that would be
Patrick Woodbeck
Rainbow Minister
United Church of Canada

Beaulah Mae said...

I read the post and I read the original tweets and now Ive watched the video. I think that video could have been so much more powerful if the "actors" had not played it "funny" or ironic, she ought to ahve played it "straight".

becca hesse 15, utah said...

Wow I can't believe this why did people recover thier humanity wasn't something they need because this is cruel and downright evil and I hope to god that the people who actually say those things about thier unborn child should burn in hell at least they are lucky enough to have children and it shouldn't matter what makes the child happy as long as they are happy! I love my moms they are the best in this world and I'm glad to call them mine I just hope people regain some humanity back and love thier children for who they are not who they love

BlackTsunami said...

Patrick, contact Charlotte Moore at @cavaticat

She is the person behind the creation of this video.

RainboWoman said...

The irony is that these same type of people seem to think that gay/lesbian parents abuse their children. Anyone who would say those things about or to their unborn child shouldn't even be allowed to keep the child after it's born. If they can abuse and threaten a baby with words before it even takes its first breath, what are they capable of doing as the child grows up? Too bad the originators of those comments/tweets couldn't be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. I grew up in rural western MN. A Village of Idiots (Monte-v-idiots) where this was common. If people are shocked at this today shame on you for being so blind since at least 1982. I heard "christian" leaders say "the only abortion that should be allowed is if the kid is gay". FEH. You should have been angry long ago. You should be shunning the vast center land called 'fly over' land not because it is desolate and uninteresting but because it is filled with this kind of rhetoric and vile bile hate. Avoid spending money in or with any companies in ND, SD, NE, IA, MT, WY, CO, KS, OK, UT, and TX where this is the the norm in 99% of the people. They are already at the extreme edge and a little push will put them in to abject poverty from a money stand point (they are already in a moral poverty). They don't deserve to have nice things.

Anonymous said...

This PSA makes me ashamed to be a human being!