Monday, April 30, 2012

Part 3: The HOMOPHOBE strikes back . . . rather badly

Graphic created by Mark from

As some of you know, yesterday, I published two posts from a Truth4Time member -LTP - who was offended by my story regarding the secret group.

The first post was him spouting all sorts of rambling nonsense about "evil homosexuals." Short of refusing to allow him to place the link to his dumb page, I published his words as is to demonstrate just off the rail some of these people are.

He didn't appreciate it because he sent me a second post in which he detailed supposed truthful information as to why homosexuality is supposedly a dangerous lifestyle.  The information he sent contained straw man arguments about the supposed "gay gene" and citations from discredited organizations as to how homosexuality can be changed. He dared me to post it as is.

I took his words as a challenge to not only post the information but to also refute it, which I did, specifically AND implicitly.

To put it nicely, I mopped up the floor with the child. It was a slaughter, a massacre, a tidal wave of truth which totally dismantled his nonsense and left him figuratively naked.

So what does he email me as a response or refutation? The follow two emails:

Email 1: Wikipedia is not a source kids, as for expelling mistakes keltic, cuantas lenguaguas habla usted fluentemente? un, deux, trios ...yep, it figures, nice try!

It is what it is, and I am not surprised for the responses of the all of you... as expected!

One of the most difficult things is for anyone to be truly honest with themselves, to then admit wrong doing, or that their lives may be not quite correct, or a sad passage in their lives, etc, and then have the courage and strength to make a course correction. I don't expect any of you to do that, since your psychological response was to latch out at the messenger of the truth, me.

As for all the other information and science pointing out the detrimental outcome of the homosexual behavior, well kids I have given you links, specially the links of my book, where in one of the chapters there is page after page of documented and corroborated examples of the detriments of homosexuality... but I do not expect any of you to admit when you are wrong...that requires and education higher than the one demonstrated by your responses, and by your responses you all seem very emotional and not very logical, so sorry.

And Alvin I give you at least credit for having the courage to at least post my side of the story, more than I can say for the responses by the other posters here. .. facts are facts people, there is no gay gene, multiple studies now prove that to be the case, therefore all that is left according to logic is that it a condition generated after birth... I know, it is not something easy to confront, and for many of you perhaps for the first time, a person that is not an echo like in the homosexual/progressive circles you are clearly navigate in.. but it is what it is. No emotional repose, no politics, just pure logic and analysis of the evidence, and then the results... so sorry. It is what it is...!

Now you can all go back and insult it doesn't hurt me a bit. Good night, Buenas noches.

Talk about tone deaf. He didn't even address the points I made in regards to his citation of a discredited organization (NARTH) or the legitimate organizations who have spoken against "ex-gay" therapy, or even the simple fact that the concept of the alleged "gay gene" is merely a religious right talking point. But you will love email number two.

Email 2: typical denial from you and your fellow as expected. get help, you people needed! (Editor's note - it is here that the child yet again posted his blog address, the one filled with discredited information about the lgbtq community. As I said the first time when I refused to post it - There is no such thing as "gay bowel syndrome." Dumb ass.)

So I think I will call an end to the LTP vs. Alvin McEwen war and declare myself the victor. But I won't gloat and I certainly won't take his advice and insult him.

When I called him Dumb ass, I didn't consider it an insult, but a truthful statement. But I will say that LTP is so typical of so many homophobic folks. They are so sure of themselves when they condemn us. But when they run up against someone who won't play their game, they get confused and double down on their lies even in the face of the truth.

Repetition doesn't create truth, my dear LTP. It only makes more people realize how much of a dipstick you are.

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RevSam Tuttle said...

Gay bowel syndrome? Really? Wtf is that supposed to be?

Grace said...

Your fellow people? What does that mean? Also, can someone please tell me why so many homophobes are borderline illiterate?

David said...

Wikipedia is not a source? LOL! Yeah, that's why millions of people use it everyday. Even though they know it's not a source for accurate information. The links on the Wikipedia page I posted went to articles from scientists and doctors. You know, articles from actual research that those scientists and doctors publish papers on. By why actually attempt to discredit the research when you can simply say that Wikipedia isn't a source.

"...then admit wrong doing, or that their lives may be not quite correct, or a sad passage in their lives..." --- You've basically described everyone on the entire planet. How that pertains to sexual orientation is anyone's guess.

"...corroborated examples of the detriments of homosexuality." --- Yeah, I've been openly gay for over 30 years. I have been in a loving monogamous relationship for 17 years. We've been legally married for 3 years. We own a home, and have two dogs, and a lot of money in the bank. Our lives are the direct opposite of detrimental. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich cheated on two of his wives (because he loved his country SO much), he married the whores he cheated with, and demanded an open-marriage from his second till-death-do-us-part wife. I'd say that's a pretty good documentation of the detriments of heterosexuality. Wouldn't you say? See... it's easy demonizing an entire group of people based on the actions of a sleazy dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

With regard to all your nonsense science and medical reports LTP, what may be an unhealthy lifestyle is to do with bad choices with regards promiscuity and safe sex. Not homosexuality. Take note of what Alvin has said here, your information is flawed. With regards to the "gay" gene there is also no evidence of a "straight" gene, a "left handed" gene or even a "tall" gene, yet these things exist without question. There is more to do with this than genes as many studies have found. You really should do a little study on Epigenetics. The environment within the womb can have an effect on the forming fetus, relating to hormones etc.

Erica Cook said...

The only thing we have to do to show our decency is to allow them to speak and then call them on everything they say. Their, "Its bad because its wrong because its bad." method shines through so loudly no one can help but hear.

And was it you or him who brought up spelling. either way if it had to do with my comments one should know I'm dyslexic and check every underlined word, but spell check can't find everything.

Anonymous said...

Its the supposed medical condition suffered by countless gay men wherein repeated anal sex results in being unable to hold in your bowel movements thus necessitating the use of a diaper. Stress on the supposed.

truthspew said...

Yes, Gay Bowel Syndrome is a Cameronism.

That said, LTP sounds like a typical Clueless Christian Clod (C^3)

My suggestions for him, read not only the Bible but research Augustine, Aquinas, Saul of Tarsus, the Nicean Council, etc. The Bible that he holds up against us has been severely tampered with over time.

I'll give LTP a hint. 1st Century, 3rd Century, 13th Century. One time period may account for more than one of the items in the prior paragraph.

It is now the 21st century. As a society we have moved on past a lot of the twaddle in the Bible.

But the core of LTP's hatred for homosexual folks is based on those I've listed above. It's not actually in the Bible.

keltic said...


I was called out specifically, not you, so not your spelling errors.

When I said I needed to use my red pen, I wasn't thinking of spelling. Instead, I was criticizing grammar, vocabulary, and the invalid research presented in LTP's essay. Afterall, it is the end of the semester and this is what I've been doing all weekend.

IQ of 132 LTP? Prove it by writing English in an acceptible, standard way.

Tor said...

The only thing these so called "experts" on homosexuality have to do is ask and actual homosexual. My life is not nearly as horrible or corrupt as he would have me believe.

Anonymous said...

I find it greatly amusing the amount of stuff that has clearly been misheard and not analysed, and typed as heard, making little to no sense.

Prospero said...

The poor thing is obviously trying to deny his own homosexuality. I actually feel sorry for him.

Woodstock said...

Proving bigots wrong makes them believe their own lies and misinformation more strongly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alvin,

Could you credit Mark of the site for the drawing?



BlackTsunami said...

Not a problem my friend. Sorry for the lack of credit.

Draek said...

"One of the most difficult things is for anyone to be truly honest with themselves, to then admit wrong doing, or that their lives may be not quite correct, or a sad passage in their lives, etc, and then have the courage and strength to make a course correction"

It's always interesting when Anti-gay homophobes say these words. Don't they see that is EXACTLY what they are doing? Admit they are wrong, their lives are not quite correct being anti-gay homophobes, sad passage of your life hating other so much, have the courage and strength to say they were wrong.

It seems to me he is mirroring his own guilt of the way he is living his life. Very sad indeed.

I stand by what I said before, when he is in front of God, and is presented with all of the material that has come out of his mouth and defiled him, he will have nothing left to do but put his face in his hands and weep for the mistakes he made.

Anonymous said...

For the biologically ignorant bigots who superstititously believe that "there must not be any gay gene":

1. Over thirteen biological underpinnings of sexual orientation have been identified.
2. The fact that no gay gene has been identified yet means nothing.
3. An idea that remains unproven is not a "disproved" idea; it is merely an idea awaiting proof.
4. The inability to show genetic background is irrelevant to the many biological underpinnings.