Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Secret anti-gay Facebook scandal explodes on Huffington Post' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Facebook Group, Included NOM Co-Founder, Fox News Pundit And More - Lord give me strength. I just made the top story of the Huffington Post.

Ministers Betray the Black Community by Defending Race-Baiting Group - Well this WAS going to be the leading post in today's news briefs. It is something I wrote then forgot about. The basic gist - any black minister who supports the exploitation of his/her people deserves a scathing so vicious that it would take the paint off of walls. I hope I did a good job here.

Video: Newt hopes he can impart his electoral karma onto North Carolina; me too - So Newt Gingrich, a man who has been married three times is giving advice on protecting marriage? Puleazeeee!

Missouri Don’t Say Gay Bill Sponsor: ‘There Is No Need To Talk About Billy Wanting To Marry A Goat’ - I've been known to date some "dogs" but I have never felt the inclination to marry a goat. LOL

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PJB863 said...

It's like a snake that won't die!


Mary in Austin said...

Thank you for exposing these hateful Jeebusites.
Not all of them are as old as Phyllis Schlafly, but they don't seem to realize that in 2012 their bad behavior leaves a trail for astute activists like you.

Andrieu Moray said...

Michael Brown is a nut and hes also power hungry. I remember him from the days of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola Florida - he was given a huge platform for ministry but it all got to his head. When the church didnt see eye to eye with some of the ridiculous things he wanted to do, he tried to split the church and stomp off with a following. They are all nuts, but when nuts stab each other in the back, thats when you know its nothing personal to gays, they hate everyone including themselves.