Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some are furious at my post on secret anti-gay facebook group

Some members of the religious right are no doubt raising hell amongst themselves about my Truth4Time, yesterday, looking at each other with heightened suspicion.

Like I actually care that these folks are angry. To paraphrase one of my favorite television show characters, their anger only makes the lgbtq community stronger. And I recommend that folks not get discouraged at these groups and the phony facts they attempt to throw out. The gist of the matter is that my post yesterday gave some of these folks a deserved kick where it counts.  And if any of them are reading this post, please be aware that your plans are being watched.

Now - cheap plug time - if you haven't heard the interview I had yesterday with Michelangelo Signorile in regards to the secret Facebook group Truth4Time, please take a listen again:

It's interestingly funny how I pivoted from not wanting to reveal the names of the people in that group to naming quite a few. Hopefully that ends the debate which was started on whether or not some of these people should have been named and also quells notions from a bitter blogger (who shall remain nameless) that I made up the entire thing.

Some of these allies weren't exactly happy with me either. I hope they are now.

Unfortunately, some of my friends are deaf and therefore could not hear the video, so allow me to break down the juicy parts that some of you have been wanting to know. The names I listed include:

Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern
Peter LaBarbera
Bradlee Dean
Matt Barber
Scott Lively
Jennifer Morse
Maggie Gallagher
Brian Brown
Phyllis Schafly

These are the people listed as members of this organization. Now how they got involved the group or whether they are fully involved in the group is for them to say. That's not my problem.

But knowing these folks, they will probably ignore this controversy, hoping that it goes away.

That's all very well, but it's like I said before. There are members of the lgbtq community more savvy than those in the past. And while we don't march or shout, we plot and plan because we have to. Our very survival depends upon it.

And to the religious right - your plans are being watched.

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Anonymous said...

who will be next that will be exposed....it seems the fruit cakes are being exposed these days BY THEIR OWN MEMBERS! who and what's next?

cola boy said...

Thanks for the great research and exposing this to the light of day.

cola boy said...

Thanks for the great story and exposing this hatred to everyone. Good job!

Bernie Keefe aka OneOfThe Watchers said...

Too stinkin funny,"I wouldn't go near that network without a cross."

Nice work Alvin.

Lindoro Almaviva said...

well, like those names come as a surprise. What we need to do is publish names and faces of those who are not public figures. If they have the balls to go in secrecy and say these horrible things, then they better have the balls to see the fall out from it. It is a good thing I have no way in that group, otherwise, i would publish names and pictures of all the members.

DanO said...

I'm curious, were there any conversations in the group that give clues to user names used by the members? It would be interesting to see if they correlate to known trolls on sites. Anyone bragging about their posts?

Anonymous said...

Let the sun shine in. Let the sun shine in.

Neil Carter said...

Since Scott Lively had blood on his hands,courtesy of his encouraging Uganda to pass laws allowing gays to be murdered just because they are gay, he NEEDS watching - like a hawk.

H.T. said...

The usual suspects...

Some Teacher said...

It is not surprising to me that they are so well coordinated and we of the LGBTQ Community are not. If one were to sum up the real "gay agenda" is would be: first class equality and leave us alone.

Thank you, Mr. McEwen, for your excellent blog and for sharing this data.

Anonymous said...

I see this groups tactics as a form of growing desperation that the individuals and the orgnisations they represent because they are being forced futher and further out to the edge. In other words they are losing. In a sense such a tatic is entirely pathetic, the idea that they thought they could influence social media in such a fashion is a joke. Although we have such a long way to go, I see this as a positive sign of improvment the more extreme they become I just smile becuase I know its evidence that true equality is coming and there is nothign they can do about it.

John B. said...

No surprise to see Michael Ejercito's name in there. He is one of the darlings of NOM's blog and it would appear that pretty much anything he submits gets posted, including several comments referring to "fudge packers" and other anti-gay slurs. (Meanwhile they ban or block those of us who try to offer polite disagreement--and allow their regulars to accuse US of being the hateful ones.) I say give this guy more exposure, he deserves it.