Monday, April 23, 2012

Naming names in the secret religious right Facebook group

I caught some flack when it came to my post regarding Truth4Time, the anti-gay secret Facebook group, because I did not give the names of the individuals involved.

However during an interview today on the Michelangelo Signorile radio show, I go into detail about Truth4Time, including giving the name of several prominent figures involved with the organization. No private citizens were called out. Like I say during the interview, I have proof of all of my charges:

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The Moronosphere said...

call 'em out. if you have proof, name names! allowing them to hide is what enables them.

Anonymous said...

H-O-L-Y CRAP Alvin!!!
Holy Crap! Maggie Gallagher, Jennifer Roebach Morse AND Brian Brown????
You hit the perfecta!
I am just laughing my butt off, thinking of how stupid these people are.
Many many many many thanks Alvin. I added a button on my browser for your blog so I will be reading you every day now.

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing by withholding the names of members who are not already known for hate speech. I co-admin a secret facebook group. Since the group cannot be found by searching, new members have to be added by administrators. If someone only uses facebook for games or some such thing they might not be aware that they have been added, and might not agree with the mission.

truthspew said...

So in other words, the standard cavalcade of bigots.

I still say the private citizens should be exposed too.

Daniel Wachenheim said...

Alvin you are awesome!

James said...

I'm afraid I don't understand your reluctance to simply report all the members of this group as they appear on the FB page.

All you are doing is relaying the names of the members as appeared on the FB page (or screen shots of the page). You are not representing that those names necessarily link up with specific people in the real world, nor are you characterizing those people in any way. You are just honestly reporting what you see on the page.

At that point the information is out there, and if someone signed up using someone else's name - say, a member signed up using Maggie Gallagher's name for example - then Gallagher can speak up and let it be known that she never signed up.

This is a nice scoop, so don't ruin it by being unnecessarily coy.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the interview. That was epic. You were awesome.

I felt in my gut that Ryan Sorba would be involved with this. I am surprised he isn't the founder. Although I can't be certain, I am fairly convinced that he runs a vicious anti-gay Youtube channel under the moniker Funk7000. That YT channel links to a tumblr blog that is affiliated with truth4time, so it stands to reason that it is created either by a founder or administrator of the group.

Beyond that, I think it is encouraging that this group consists of the regular circus performers, con artists and nut jobs that we have all come to know and love. It is the same group of a few dozen obsessives who are very skilled at lying and insulting, but who are failing abjectly at persuading anyone of their point of view. I would be more concerned if the list were filled with hundreds of names of people we had never heard of. I suspect that if you did some googling of the "private citizens" you would find that they are all part of a group of consistent secondary obsessives who pop up all the time saying the same thing.

Woodstock said...

For those of you who don't belong to groups on FB, let me lay this out. You get a notification that you have been added to the group and by whom. Unless you go to the group's page and disable notifications, you get a notice every time somebody posts in the group. Unless you have somebody else operating your personal FB profile, you have to know you have been added to the group. These people can claim they didn't know, but that would be, shall we say, untrue. I'm pretty sure lying is in the top 10 list of no-nos for Christians. Who's gonna call them out on what you have revealed, Alvin?

Woodstock said...

btw- you are awesome! Great work!!