Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See the Religious Right Dance

When I wrote the post Monday about the secret Facebook group Truth4Time, I knew it had the potential to be a huge story.

However, I never expected for it to explode in the manner which it did. I didn't expect to be interviewed by Michelangelo Signorile and I certainly didn't expect for it to be the number one story in the Huffington Post Gay Voices section.

Now I did expect some negative feedback from members of the group and administrator Michael Brown didn't disappoint.

He was allowed to publish what he called corrections to the Truth4Time article Signorile wrote. I found these corrections to be disingenuous and wrote so in the comments section and in more detail on a blog post.

I felt the story should have ended there. Let folks read it and make up their own minds.

But for some reason, neither Brown nor the other members of the group will let the story go.

Brown not only parlayed the story into a ludicrously transparent post on the conservative Town Hall (comparing my post to Protocols of the Elders of Zion - the legendary fraud document which claimed that Jewish people plotting to take over the world)  but also a feature on his radio show. I have no doubt that there may be a future column on the American Family Association's One News Now.

His spiel seems to be claiming that the group was merely innocent Christians who was inundated by homosexuals simply because they were merely condemning them to hell and supposedly telling the truth that God hates "their lifestyle," whatever that is. Brown also seems to be claiming that those documents I posted detailing plans of jamming and flagging pro-gay sites and sending school districts and physician offices' bad information on gay health were "mere suggestions." He also seems to be saying that just because some people had access to the group's resources didn't mean that they were members.

Doesn't Michael remind you of that Eddie Murphy comedy routine in the movie Raw, where a man's wife catches him redhanded cheating on her and when confronted by her, he continuously says "it wasn't me" until she begins to doubt what she saw. 

Another member of Truth4Time, a sad African American pastor, D.L. Foster who claims that he is an 'ex-gay," cited Brown's ridiculous column to claim that my post was a bomb. Ironically,  I wrote him a note disputing this. Of course it is no longer on his page.

All you need to know about Foster is that he was one of the participants in Peter LaBarbera's failed protest against the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But probably the funniest, albeit creepiest response from a Truth4Time member I've gotten is from small-time radio host Stacy Harp. I wrote this morning about how she spent 30 minutes of her broadcast calling me a nobody for my post (in between insulting Rachel Maddow and Michelangelo Signorile) and also sent a post demanding that I apologize:

It gets funnier. Girlfriend just can't quit me:

Sorry Stacy. You are not my type. And we are not two ships passing in the night. If we were,  I would throw my anchor on your deck in hopes of sinking you.

Ironically, Foster claims that I wrote the post because I wanted wide media attention. Now in reality, I am not that naive. I know that the media has more important stories to attend to, such as interviewing the woman who spilled yogurt on President Obama.

My purpose of posting the Truth4Time post (which I stand by) was basically to expose the lies and deceptions of Brown, Harp, Foster, and the rest who exploit Christianity and who seem to think that Jesus died on the cross for them to lord over folks and gave them the right to decide what makes a family.

They have a serious sense of entitlement which needs to be broken.

The fact that I am making them dance like puppets on a string is merely gravy.

But I do have three questions.

If this is such a non-story, then why are they all spending so much time and effort on it? 

Just who are they really trying to convince?

Lastly, can any of them do the macarena or tootsie roll?

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LOrion said...

Whoot! Another good one. This just get better. PS. Just found David's post about the NAMEs! So I reposted and retweeted for those who missed.
PPS Is that hot you in that sweater?

Reed Boyer said...

Ol' Doc Brown is absolutely convinced of his own absolute humility and rectitude. He has a quality of "true believer" taken to the Hoffer extreme.
And despite his protestations of love, he is compassionless.

*"all comments above based upon experience and correspondence with aforesaid Michael L. Brown*

Quasar said...

now i gotta read that post, but i like how you ract. really.

Tori said...

Incredibly too white to do the tootsie roll, the macarana maybe but def not the tootsie roll...

David Weintraub said...

I heard Brown's radio performance today. I guess he thinks that the more forced, derisive laughter he emits, the more credible he will seem?

I've listened to the show before, and I always end up feeling embarrassed for him. He doesn't seem to realize how anxious he sounds, how transparent his bluster is.

It appears that you've struck quite a nerve, Alvin. Poor, persecuted babies.

truthspes said...

I've noticed my TRUTH4TIME tag on my blog post is getting hit like crazy too. I love it. That's one thing I found out about Wordpress btw, the categories don't make a damned bit of difference but the tags get pushed out to the search engines. :)

So I know I'm on their radar now. Good, I want them to start a comment war. They have no defense.

Barry said...

Alvin, your investigation into this was excellent and you were right to expose them. I think their reaction says it all. They are being so defensive because you caught them red-handed. Keep up the good work brother!

Jacob said...

This comment was interesting
"What about the “big names” involved in this nefarious, clandestine group, including Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow? The simple truth is that one of the administrators added their names so they could have access to the group, but they were never present on the Facebook site and, to the best of my knowledge, never knew the group existed or had any idea their names had been added. So much for the smoking gun!"
Brown wrote that...Thoughts?
Personally this sounds lame...especially since he shows no evidence and simply insist that he and everyone is innocent..

Jacob said...

That pastor said this: "’m also one of the administrators. And a proud member. Although McEwen used a post I personally filed as “evidence” of the great and terrible war we were about to launch, he strangely redacted my name and face from the group, only referring to me as a “certain Georgia pastor”. Even the HuffPo article selectively posted pictures of members. Dr. Brown wondered how our relatively benign group (Truth4Time) be such a global threat?"
It must be nice to strawman you as saying they are declaring war and operating on a global scale, in order to deny that they were all getting together, as you pointed out, to send out anti-gay info and quackery...which is what you said all along. He thinks you are calling them a global threat when you are obviously saying nothing like that.