Monday, June 25, 2012

Homosexuality leads to cannibalism?

Three steps below the organizations like the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage are the street preachers who come to pride events and shout all sorts of nonsense through bullhorns.

But these street preachers in Cleveland, OH win the booby prize:

Somebody definitely needs Jesus, but it ain't the folks who came to this pride to have a good time.

Hat tip to Back2Stonewall.

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Hank Drake said...

I marched in Cleveland Pride and saw these guys - by the time the parade got going, they were drowned out by the crowd.

Afaik, these clowns aren't from Cleveland.

JesterKatz said...

This is why I believe, much like guns, religion should be licensed; it isn't, and shouldn't, be for everyone.

Fyi, a your cannibalistic straw man isn't a poster boy for homosexuality.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

In 4 years we have not seen or heard people like this at Baltimore Pride. Every pride I attended in Ohio was full of protesters saying outragous stuff like this.
This is part of why I escaped after 50 years and will not be returning any time too soon.

ol&p said...

People who live in glass houses...

Transubstantiation anyone?