Monday, June 25, 2012

The Family Research Council can't stop lying on gays

The following email was sent out by the Family Research Council as a fundraising appeal to stop us "spooky gays" from supposedly discriminating against Christians. As you can see, the organization lists several examples of this happening.

And these examples are lies. Thanks to the site Think Progress, you don't have to look that far in order to refute them:

CLAIM: “Catholic Charities of Boston–forced out of the adoption business after more than 100 years and surrendered their license because they would not obey the state’s mandate to place orphans with same-sex couples.
REALITY: Catholic Charities had two choices to continue its work: stop relying on government subsidy or stop discriminating against same-sex couples. They gave up entirely. When Catholic Charities faced the same dilemma in Illinois, a judge upheld the state’s right to pull funding because of the agency’s discriminatory practices.
CLAIM: “Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a historic New Jersey Christian camp, ordered by a judge to allow same-sex ‘commitment’ ceremonies on their property, even though it violated their religious views.”
REALITY: The pavilion’s tax-exempt status was part of a recreational real estate agreement with the state to ensure its availability to the public. It was not tied the church’s religious designation.
CLAIM: “Marcia Walden, a counselor with the Centers for Disease Control, fired when she politely declined to help a lesbian continue a same-sex relationship. Marcia, a Christian, felt she wasn’t the best counselor.”
REALITY: The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Walden’s firing — not because of the anti-gay religious beliefs she held, but because of her insistence upon imposing them on clients.

I don't think it's farfetched to say that FRC's other claims in its email - that the organization presents "carefully researched facts" to refute the claims of "gay activists" - are bold faced lies also.

But after all of these years, is it really a surprise that such lies come from the Family Research Council?

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