Thursday, July 19, 2012

'US Gay Black Men face highest risk of HIV/AIDS in the world' and other Thursday midday news briefs

U.S. Black Gay Men Face Highest Risk Of HIV/AIDS In The World - I can't BEGIN to tell you how it feels to wake up one morning and realize that you are in a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS. And there are so many people to THANK. First to the black community: thank you for your hypocrisy over sexual matters and your desire to keep us gay men hidden from the public spectrum in spite of the fact that we are your brothers, sons, nephews, choirmasters, and pastors. Thank you so much your desire to make us ashamed of who we are. Thank you gay community for smothering us with crap which has nothing to do with us. Thank you for focusing on nonsensical things in a bad attempt to homogenize the gay community into some bland, Borg-like community and ignoring the fact that not all of us are white and skinny or white and muscular or celebrities or attendees at some ridiculous upper crust cocktail party. Thank you for inadvertently rendering us as invisible as the black community does.  Thank you to the religious right who is sure to use this information to smear gay men. How can I forget about you? And last but not least, thank you other gay black men - those who will not speak up, the ones (particularly the celebrities who KNOW who they are) who are in the closet, and the rest who just don't give a damn.

NOM unveils its new Corporate Hypocrisy Project - Apparently NOM thinks only those who support gay equality should practice neutrality. The organization believes in different rules for those who support homophobia. 

 Barton, Green & Barber Agree: Not Voting for Romney is a Sin - Wait until the Black Church community hears this!  

Gay Harassment Case - This is sad. We need to pray for this couple. 

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The most alarming finding is that the risk increases with age. (page 25)