Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping the Family Research Council's 'hate group's status in the public eye

Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center recently appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss SPLC's labeling of the Family Research Council as a hate group.

Naturally, O'Reilly defended FRC, but I think Potok handled himself well here:

Folks wanting to gag at O'Reilly's blatant nonsense should suppress their urge to hurl. Remember this - as long as we are at least discussing what the Family Research Council does, then it's a good thing. If the organization is expecting a public outcry of pity over its "hate group" status, then it guessed wrong.

The only bad thing would be for SPLC to retreat on its position.

And that's not about to happen soon.

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anon ymous said...


Linnea said...

Yes! Mark Potok did a great job here. Just wish O'Reilly would have given him a chance to actually talk... but what do you expect from a bully like O'Reilly?

Anonymous said...

I'm rather surprised that Fox News itself hasn't been labeled by the SPLC as a hate group.

Clear evidence in the video with O'Reilly saying what he did about pedophilia.