Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why GoProud sells out the gay community

Many of us gay activist don't particularly care for the gay Republican organization GoProud.

Many of us, me included, view it as a fake group of posers wanting attention while ignoring the real problems in the gay community; a collection of vapid folks from the most fevered imaginations of Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber and willing to kiss Tony Perkins' butt if it will get them some attention.

But for those who will accuse those of us who despise GoProud of being prejudiced against them simply for being Republican, check out this quote from The Washington Post. It comes from one of their supporters who attended their annual "Homocon" nonsense. "Homocon" is when GoProud members together and invites a conservative who will attack them for not knowing their place.

“I understand I’m going to be subject to certain limitations,” said Robert Stevens, sporting a Romney/Ryan button late Tuesday night. “I understand I won’t have equal rights. But I also want to be filthy rich, and I think the Republican ticket can get me there.”

In other words - treat me like a second-class citizen. Demonize me and tell folks lies about me molesting children. Spread stories accusing me of wanting to "convert" children and destroy society. Make it difficult for me to have a normal life complete with a loving family.

Just as long as you make sure I get lots of money.

If GoProud took steps to attempt to change the homophobia of the Republican Party, I would at least respect them. Instead the leaders go on and on about the "gay left."

A little advice, guys. The "gay left" aren't the ones giving you hell.

Check out the faces attached to the asses you attempting hard to kiss.

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Broken-Winged Cherub said...

"Demonize me and tell folks likes about me molesting children."

Think you meant 'lies'.

Certainly an eye-opening post.

BlackTsunami said...

Thanks, Cherub ;p. The change has been made.

just me said...

The "Gay Left" are gonna be the ones laughing in your smug face come November!

raingirl said...

Mary Cheney who????????

Chris said...

Because what's being happily married and able to raise a family when you can do this with your "life partner" instead of your "husband"

Prospero said...

Michael Musto wrote an excellent essay on this very topic for the Village Voice.