Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'NOM's diaper pastor vs. President Obama' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

NOM’s new ad pimps NC anti-gay pastor Wooden urging blacks to vote against Obama - Personally, for all the talk SOME PEOPLE say about African-Americans being homophobic, I don't see this working. 

Let me put it another way.

Patrick Wooden, the "diaper pastor:"

vs. President Obama:

No contest. African-Americans are not monolithic and don't count on us staying home this election day. And if you think that we will turn on marriage equality (particularly when health care is in the balance), then let me have a little of what you are smoking.

 In other news:

 Preserve Marriage Washington’s Missing Campaign Finance Numbers - Speaking of NOM, looks like the group is hiding money again.

 Five Minnesota Anti-Gay Activists' Greatest Hits #glaadCAP - GLAAD highlights the worse of the five Minnesota anti-gay activists. Get your barf bag handy.

 California Assembly Advances Bill Limiting Ex-Gay Therapy To Minors - The religious right is sure to go batshit over this one. Good. 

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