Monday, August 20, 2012

Tony Perkins falsely claims the press ignored Family Research Council shooting

The way Tony Perkins is exploiting last week's shooting at the Family Research Council is getting pathetic.

First he blamed the Southern Poverty Law Center for correctly calling FRC a hate group.

Then he blamed President Obama for supposedly creating an anti-religious climate which allegedly contributed to the shooting.

And now . . . Perkins is claiming that the media "ignored" the shooting.

According to Politico, Perkins made the following comments on Fox News (after all, who else would allow him to spout without challenge):

“It was stunning that most of the coverage, with the exceptions of just a few reports I saw over the weekend, were from Fox,” Tony Perkins said on “Fox and Friends,” noting that he reviewed a study of media coverage on the subject. “The others … ignored it.”

Last Wednesday, Floyd Lee Corkins II of Virginia allegedly walked into the downtown D.C. building, told a security guard there, “I don’t like your politics,” and shot the guard in the arm before being taken into custody.

“I think the reason [for the lack of coverage] is, it doesn’t fit the story line,” Perkins said. “You know, it’s supposed to be conservatives who are angry, who are filled with hate. And that’s not the case.”

It boggles my mind that Perkins actually thinks that he can get away with this claim. Rather than verbally refute it, I think I will use a visual:

You see this picture? The man in the middle is Tony Perkins. All of those people around him are from television and newspapers, i.e. the press, i.e. the MEDIA!

This picture took place the day after the shooting.  It was at a PRESS CONFERENCE called by Tony Perkins.

As you can see, the shooting generated a lot of press, from a ridiculous column claiming that FRC isn't a hate group (by folks who should know better) to a very entertaining segment on CNN which left an FRC defender sounding like Porky Pig.

I think that Perkins is a bit sore that not every one in the media allowed him to spout off on a self-pitying monologue like Megyn Kelly did in that monstrous interview.

But to say the media ignored the shooting is a lie that even Perkins can't quantify. But the fact that he had the audacity to push this lie should tell us a lot about Perkins and FRC.

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1 comment:

flame821 said...

I will give Perkins one point. If the Liberals are getting so angry and so fed up that they start believing the only answer involves a gun. We are going to see some truly scary $h!t go down. Conservatives tend to be angry and uneducated. Liberals tend to be a tad more reasonable and highly educated. Now think what might happen if an educated person decides to bring a gun to a press conference like that. Or to the RNC and use IED or so on. I've always relied upon the Liberal side being able to step away from the crazy, but the Tea Baggers have pressed so far that there doesn't seem to be any room left to step away.