Monday, September 17, 2012

GetEqual protests 'Values Voters' Summit

Apparently, on Saturday, the Family Research Council's annual Values Voters Summit got paid a visit from the activist group GetEqual.

According to the blog Back2Stonewall:

Activists walked into the conference carrying a simulated coffin, draped in a rainbow American flag, while reading anti-LGBT quotes from Tony Perkins (head of the Family Research Council, the main organizer of the event)

The private security firm that was hired by the Family Research Council treated the protesters roughly and with no respect — literally pushing and in some cases physically dragging them out of the hotel while protesters chanted “Your values are killing us.!” — many Values Voters attendees shouted at them and some even physically abused the protesters with punches, elbows and kicks and they were being dragged out.

The comments of the attendee were definitely present in the first video as one can hear them referring to AIDS, etc.

According to Charles Butler of  GetEqual, picketers began protesting Friday night on the outside. He said they were also able to interact with attendees of the Value Voters Summit.

Butler claimed this interaction was successful because some were not aware of the level of homophobia embraced by the Family Research Council. Allegedly, many folks attending had a focus on abortion.

Butler also said the group went inside the raise the level of interaction.

As the video demonstrates, GetEqual's attempt was successful. Not only that, but according to a reporter at Talking Points Memo, one of the attendees of the Values Voters Summit, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center allegedly said the following:

Now some may go gung-ho for what GetEqual did, while others may criticize the group for the strident manner of its protest, especially in the view of the recent shooting at the Family Research Council headquarters.

Personally, I'm leaning towards GetEqual on this one. While I've never been one for what looks like extreme direct action, I have a serious problem with the desensitized attitude folks, particularly members of the media, have when it comes to the Family Research Council and the attendees of their faux values voters summits. True, they are expressing their opinion, but it's fair to note how decrepit and dangerous their opinions are. The following is a cacophony of vicious slander, lies, and innuendo wrapped up in a Christian veneer about not only gays but a host of other issues. And it leaves one to ask why is GetEqual the only ones angry at this:

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