Monday, September 17, 2012

'Boy Scouts helped molesters cover tracks' and other Monday midday news briefs

Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show - This is not gloating. This is just sad. Remember how folks like Mike Huckabee were hailing the Boy Scouts for continuing its discriminatory anti-gay policy. I bet they will be silent, that is unless they blame this mess on gays. In reality,it's a matter of the Scouts kicking Little Red Riding Hood out in the forest (by keeping gays out), but giving the Big Bad Wolf (pedophiles) free reign of their house.  

So, should President Obama be concerned about black voters staying home on election day? - My blogging buddy - and one of my mentors - Pam Spaulding nails the point home here. This question is more of a laziness of the media in pushing conflict rather looking into the complexity of the issue. My take on this stupid question is hell no. The need of the black community to exercise our right to vote in this election has been pushed hard from day one. Also, the idea that black folks would be so angry at Obama supporting marriage equality that we would withhold our votes from him is a sad fantasy from the deep recesses of the minds of the ignorant. Especially in churches like mine where the victory of Obamacare in the Supreme Court was hailed as (verbatim words used) "an act of God." Long story short - black folks know what's at stake in this election and we aren't looking at it lightly.  

Rick Warren continues to divide America, alienate gays (as Jesus would)- Rick Warren, the hypocrite. He talks about not being ashamed of voting "in line with the Bible." That's nice but as for me, I remember how long it took him to speak out against that awful anti-gay bill in Uganda. Whatever miniscule respect I had for him then was lost.  

Local Catholics Voice Their Opposition to Marriage Amendment - Good for the Catholics in Minnesota!

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Penny Sautereau-Fife, Shaman Of Hedon said...

Well thank God the Boy Scouts don't allow gays or atheists though, why, that would be un-Christian!

John in Oz said...

Well! Congratulations Boy Scouts of America you've now joined your friends at the Catholic church.
Protecting child molesters and pedophiles.
Sure hope the federal tax office is checking your status.