Thursday, October 18, 2012

AFA's Bryan Fischer continues to gripe about CNN smack down

If you can stomach it, here is 12 minutes of the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer going on tangents on several things.

He briefly talks about the recently lovely smack down he received from CNN's Carol Costello when he attempted to spout his lies on her show. I would link to my post about it, but there is no need. Fischer reruns the entire embarrassing interview himself.

Also, his callers are a hoot - especially the one who is distressed that "evangelicals" are supporting Mitt Romney. However, towards the end, a caller challenges him on his lies about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Editor's note - Those CDC studies and such Fischer talks about when he goes on about the supposed dangers of homosexuality have also said that homophobia (which leads to a lack of knowledge about good health care) plays a part in when some gays are beset with bad health and such.Of course Fischer would never tell you that.

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1 comment:

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Maybe this guy can say what he wants at work but out in the real world people keep their views to themselves for the most part. Most people work in an enviroment of non-discrimination and it works out fine. His bitch is not just gay kids. He does not like multi culturalism either. He finds the idea of everyone being equal under the law and getting along no matter race, gender, orientation, or religion to be repulsive. Isn't that what Jesus preached against?
What happened to "Love thy neighbor"?
Bryan Fischer is a crackpot who is also a very dangerous man because so many listen to his crap and believe him. I'm glad she cut him off and more people will be aware of his hate because of it.