Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hate group claims it wants to reach out to gay youth

I wish this was funny, but according to Right Wing Watch, it's actual fact:
The American Family Association without fail hurls some of the most derogatory and incendiary rhetoric at the gay community,. For example, the group’s spokesman Bryan Fischer claims that gays are like drug addicts, domestic terrorists and Nazis and are responsible for the Holocaust, and the organization’s general manager blamed gays for Hurricane Isaac and linked the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to an increase in suicides in the military.

But now the anti-gay group hopes to teach people how to “reach out with biblical compassion” to gay youth, which they routinely call “Big Gay.”

The AFA’s Rightly Concerned blog reposted an article from Kerby Anderson Probe Ministries about the “gay agenda in schools,” fitting with the AFA’s new campaign to stop “Mix it Up at Lunch Day” out of the fear young people will eat the gay “poisoned candy.”

The blog post warns that homosexuality in and of itself leads to health and psychiatric problems and suggests anti-bullying efforts are simply attempts to “increase homosexual behavior among students.” Ironically, Anderson cites a study which concludes “educational efforts, prevention programs, and health services must be designed to address the unique needs of GLB youth” to argue that schools should not assist their gay, lesbian and bisexual students in anyway…unless it is with ex-gay therapy. “We should reach out to those caught in the sin of homosexuality and offer them hope and point them to Jesus Christ so that they will find freedom from the sexual sin that binds their lives,” Anderson writes, claiming that “many in the homosexual lifestyle are there because of some emotional brokenness in their families” and are “trying to meet their emotional needs in ungodly ways.”

I got only two ideas for the AFA. If you want to reach gay youth, then stop making them feel like they are freaks with your nasty rhetoric. Or better yet, why don't you just cease to exist.

At the very least, FIRE this guy. Quickly. As in last year:

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Philly Kampus Kop said...

"Emotionally broken families" ??? ... I came from one of the most wonderful and happy families I know of. My parents were loving, supportive and absolutely amazing people.

Patrick8200 said...

They only want to reach out to bring kids in for reparative therapy. Bryan Fisher is without a doubt the most self righteous evil bigot on the planet to Fred Phelps that is.

RainbowPhoenix said...

Clearly they don't think they're killing enough of us as it is.

Patrick8200 said...

Here's where the absurdity of every bit of anti-gay arguments reveal themselves.
The people that are against LBGT equal rights do not (supposedly) and have not ever had to deal with same sex attraction issues. That would be me as a white man tell any other ethnicity how they're all wrong, because they're not white like me. It's really just that damn simple. Why can't these assholes just STFU and go away?