Friday, November 09, 2012

'Ex-gay counselor arrested for molesting patients' and other Friday midday news briefs

Rev. Ryan J. Muelhauser, Ex-Gay Counsellor, Arrested For Molestation Of Two Young Men - Absolutely fiendish. Something to remember the next time Linda Harvey and that bunch start whining about the CA law prohibiting the subjection of our children to ex-gay therapy.  

New NOM talking point: It wasn't a fair fight - For once NOM was right, but not in the way it thinks. They had more access to money and resources and still got their asses kicked.

 Rep. Mark Ferrandino: Colo. Democrats Pick State's 1st Gay House Speaker - Sweet! And the gold from Tuesday keeps raining down.  

How Major State Newspapers Covered The Fight For Marriage Equality - State newspapers aren't doing the job they need to when talking about anti-gay groups. And to me, the main reason this is happening is because we aren't doing a better job of exposing them. Don't wait for them to do stuff to us. Put THEM on the defensive for a change. We have enough information on these groups, i.e. how they lie and distort science. The problem is that the only folks who are pushing this info are the bloggers like myself. Where are the supposed "A-list" gay journalists?  Maybe if many of them stop disrespecting and hating on gay bloggers and work with us instead, a lot can be accomplished.

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Donny D. said...

The straight ("mainstream") media like to make some of these anti-LGBT groups look innocent because they want to be able to use them to provide the "anti" side of the story. And they treat the anti-LGBTs as a legitimate side because the straight media are still pandering to a lot of homophobia in their audiences, including homophobia in some "pro-gay" straight people.

Woodstock said...

It just breaks my heart that NOM and their ilk can't use the "gay marriage was voted down in every state" argument any more. Not. So their new excuse is they were out-spent. They'll always have another excuse for failing. >weeping crocodile tears for them<