Friday, November 09, 2012

Hate group leader predicts violent revolution because of marriage equality

One of the delicious side effects to Tuesday's monumental marriage equality victories is watching the opposition freak out and prognosticate how the gay community will lead to America's destruction. In the following clip, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, still stinging from the gay community's victories in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington state, predicts revolution if the Supreme Court ultimately rules in favor of marriage equality:

Whatever, Tony. There will be a revolution, just as sure as the passage of lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation led to pastors being arrested for publicly calling homosexuality a sin. Or the overturning of DADT would led to folks leaving military service because they can't fight off sexually aggressive gays and lesbians in their units.

Oh wait. Neither of those things - predicted by FRC and other anti-gay groups - never came true.

That's the thing with Perkins and FRC. They are always eager to predict negative outcomes if gay equality is advanced, but are never called to the carpet when their dire predictions don't come true. And their predictions never come true.

Most likely when the Supreme Court does declare marriage equality legal (and I hope that they do), there will be some anger, but for the most part, Americans will shrug their shoulders and go about their business. Leaving Perkins and company with egg on their faces yet again.

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olandp said...

Tony, honey, we had a revolution. You lost.

JT1962 said...

The problem with abortion is that those who don't want to have one and feel it's against God are trying to force their beliefs on those who feel otherwise. And that's the same problem with marriage equality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah tony, a violent revolution is a great way to present yourself as just a concerned loving Christian who's always the victim. This guy is a piece of work

Anonymous said...

Perkins is a complete and utter fraud. His only qualifications are that he embraced Jeebus, nothing more.

Everyone should be aware of his background, former reserve police officer who pissed off the chief.

I'm sorry - I expect a whole lot more from talking heads - at least a B.Sc or masters degree would be a good start.

Andie Casey said...

I think the same things were predicted before DADT was revoked. Surprise - no fuss at all.