Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raging homophobe Matt Barber makes point about 'War on Christmas'

Sometimes Matt Barber - raging homophobe that he is - makes sense.

 Right-Wing Watch breaks it down:

Every year, a handful of conservative pundits and Religious Right activists launch a "war on Christmas" to pressure retailers to use the word "Christmas" in their advertising and displays instead of phrases like "happy holidays" on the grounds that not mentioning Christmas is wildly offensive to Christians. So it is more than a little ironic to see Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel, one of the leaders of this annual "war on Christmas" crusade, complaining about companies and municipalities that bow to the "tyranny of the minority" by changing their holiday displays "in order to not offend a kind of obnoxious few people who are looking around every corner to find some reason to be offended":

My guess is that Barber didn't mean for his words to be a dig against the 'War on Christmas' crowd.

But isn't it nice when some people commit Freudian slips?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So let's see....objecting to one particular holiday literally all over the place for a month or more, out of several that are celebrated in the same month, while the rest are not even acknowledged as existing (or barely so) is totally the same as "looking for something to be offended about."
Got it, you have no idea what you are talking about, and cannot distinguish privilege from fairness and equality.
Acknowledging that not everyone actually celebrates your holiday is offensive to you? Got it, you're so utterly insecure acknowledging that you are not, in fact, more important than everyone else, is actually offensive to you.