Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Christian' program pushes poor, biased segment against gay adoption

This piece should get you angry. From CBN's 700 Club comes an attack on gay adoption:

There is a little shuck and jive in the middle of this video.

You will notice at 1:15 of the video, a woman, Lynne Kohm, is introduced as a "family law expert." Supposedly she has a 'mountain of research' which speaks that gay adoption is not necessarily the best idea for a child.

Pause the video at 1:27.

The words under her read Lynne Kohm,  Regent University School of Law.

Regent University is a "Christian university" which was founded by Pat Robertson, the man who also owns CBN and The 700 Club. And Robertson isn't necessarily an pro-gay advocate.

And nowhere in the segment is Kohm's connection to Robertson is revealed.

In general, the segment does a poor job in attacking gay adoption.

You will notice that no gay couples with children were talked to.

It also bothers me that the heterosexual couple featured in the video allowed themselves to be used. Certainly they should be commended for taking in abused children and giving them a good home. But the point is so do gay couples. And there is no difference between the two. If we are to have a genuine discussion on gay adoption, then there needs to be a more credible report than the one offered up by CBN.


Anonymous said...

Come on, it's a typical CBN spin job going on in this video. How anyone can look at their videos without ridiculing them is beyond me.

Prospero said...

I work in the legal education industry. Regent is one of the law schools people apply to when they know they can't get into a "real" law school. Nearly 60% of Regent's students transfer to other schools after their first year.