Thursday, January 03, 2013

Anti-gay group wants to produce Christian-oriented rap video

When I first saw the above video, I thought "ugh."

Don't get me wrong. On it's face, I see nothing wrong with this per se.

But the devil is always in the details, or in this case, the devil seems to be the one behind this mess.

In other words, I have a serious problem with the organization behind this idea of a pro-Christian rap video - the Liberty Counsel.

The Liberty Counsel is a venomous anti-gay organization which hides its bigotry behind a Christian cloak, vocally standing even against the simplest of pro-gay endeavors including gays serving openly in the military as well as anti-discrimination laws.

But the thing which worries me the most is that the the Liberty Counsel employs Matt Barber. Barber makes no secret how negatively he feels toward the gay community. However  his past comments regarding our gay youth is a serious problem as far as I'm concerned.

Such as what he said about gay men and pedophilia:

 Or what he said about gay teens who commit suicide:

 Or how he defended ex-gay therapy for our youth:

One wonders if the rapper in the above video knows what he is getting himself into by joining such an organization which employs a man like Barber


Simon said...

If Matt Barber is going to be starring in it ?

Will it be in widescreen ?

Anonymous said...

If "Get Your Vote On" is representative of his music (I'm having trouble with YouTube right now), then I'll even give the music an "ugh." More "Contemporary Christian Music" where ideology replaces artistic endeavor.

Michael G said...

Perfect opportunity to educate on Liberty Council's Hate Group status --
flood the comments section at YouTube.