Thursday, January 03, 2013

'Obama, Nazis, the Anti-Christ, and gays! Oh my!' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Audio: Scott Lively equates gays & Obama with Nazis & the antiChrist; says rainbow flag is sign of EndTimes - Oh boy! Leave it to Scott Lively to connect Obama with gays and Nazis and the anti-Christ. And what you see about his claim regarding the rainbow flag isn't a joke. Time to pull out my copies of the Omen and Damien Omen II.  

California Gov. Jerry Brown Appeals Injunction Against Ex-Gay Therapy Ban - Go get 'em, Jerry!

 Leading Conservative Religious Organization Warns That Christians Will Soon Be Treated Like Blacks In Jim Crow Era - Apparently when you become a leader in the religious right, you gain the power to talk out of your tuckus.  

The Right’s loss of the culture war is in extreme slow motion; will it toss its extremists out? Doubt it. - I hope they don't just yet. Then, who will I have to play with?  

Keeping the faith: 2012 in gay rights victories - A reiteration of how we ruled last year.

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