Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Religious right group wants YOUR money to fight Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
People for the American Way's Religious Right Watch just posted this:
Yesterday, the Florida Family Association hired a plane to fly above a Lady Gaga concert in Tacoma, WA with a banner reading “NOT BORN THIS WAY.” “How would you feel if your child or grandchild went to a concert where unbeknownst to you they were convinced to embrace a homosexual or transgender lifestyle for a lifetime?” the FFA told members when asking for contributions to run additional advertisements. “The fact that someone these kids do not know spent significant resources to fly a plan to tell them they are NOT born that way will prayerfully speak to their souls,” read the appeal for donations.

And here is the piece de resistance from the FFA's site itself:

Florida Family Association would like to fly more banners to counter Gaga’s hedonistic, Godless message at more concerts.  You can click here to see the schedule Ladygaga.com. It will cost $1,900 to fly this banner for four hours before sunset.  The goal is not to fly banners at every concert but at enough concerts to make a difference. Please consider making a designated donation for this project by clicking here or mailing your donation to Florida Family Association, PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646.  All donations received through this solicitation will be used exclusively for the NOT Born this way banner at Lady Gaga Concerts.

And why are they doing this? Because according to them, with citations from the Family Research Council and discredited research Paul (gays stuff gerbils in their rectums) Cameron, children could get "tricked" into thinking that they are gay when in fact homosexuality is supposedly caused by "being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle by aggressive homosexual adults."

One wonders if anyone is even going to pay attention to those FFA's banners.

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