Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'NOM posts then pulls extremely bigoted videos' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

NOM RI posts shocking, must-be-seen videos; clips claim gays are ‘lethal’, not going to heaven, more - Videos pushing discredited claims about gays and cigarette smoking, "indoctrination of children," and how gays aren't going to Heaven? Way to go, NOM. And please note that your scrubbing of said videos didn't do any good. Copies have been attained.

DOMA: House Republicans Poised To Spend $3 Million On Legal Defense - Republicans - "we simply HAVE to cut spending. How else are we going to get the money to keep those nasty gays from getting married."  

E.U. Court of Human Rights: Religious beliefs may not be used to refuse service to same-sex couples - I believe the word you are looking for here is BOOM!  

Utah School Realizes Book About Lesbian Family Helps Prevent Bullying - More good news!  

G. Craige Lewis: The Most Dangerous Preacher in the Black Church - A truly vile individual. He goes after everyone, including those you would think are his allies.

Editor's note - Last night, the document on the right of my blog - How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on America reached 50,000 reads and embedded views. While not as vital to some members of the lgbt community as Jodie Foster's coming out, it does prove that there is a need for this information. On the risk of acting like President Obama continuously asking for money for his re-election campaign, I encourage folks to read this document if they haven't already, to embed it in their blogs if they feel so inclined, download it, print it out, send it to their friends, and especially our lgbt youth. I have been getting several positive messages from young lgbts who have said that this information encourages them to feel good about themselves. Let's go for 100,000 reads and embedded views!


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I saw and flagged both parts of those vile videos this morning. That was bad even for NOM. They are getting desperate!
I downloaded your work and have sent it out to people. Wow! You compiled a huge amount of info. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How can NOM be -proud- of these people going up to speak before a hearing? They're trying to argue their religious principles, they're (for some reason) bringing up Stalin, and again begging with their religious ideals. I cannot help but scratch my head at these people.