Monday, January 14, 2013

'Vatican newspaper launches hypocritical attack on gay adoption' and other Monday midday news briefs

Vatican Paper Criticizes Gay Adoption After Italy Ruling - No offense to my Catholic brothers and sisters (what I am going to say is not meant to be ugly to you), but with the problem the Catholic Church is having regarding priests molesting children, I feel the need to stand on a mountain top with a huge megaphone and scream "YOU GOTTA CENSORED KIDDING ME! WHO THE CENSORED ARE YOU TO CRITICIZE!"

  Fox Hosts Mock, Laugh At Transgender Inmate’s Appearance - I fail to see the humor in this.

 'The homosexual movement corrupts our country' - Except in my corner of the world cause I can't find a man. I'm currently taking applications. 

 Illinois Business Leaders Endorse Marriage Equality - It's a good thing.  

Fischer Says the Anti-Gay Right is Tired of Getting 'Pushed Around' and 'Backing Down' and Vows to Push Back - Apparently all of those years of calling us diseased, oversexed child molesting, bullying freaks were their way of being nice. To put it in my childhood vernacular, Mr Fischer - AIN'T NOBODY SCARED OF YOU OR YOUR GOONS.


Lisa Graas said...

You really need to educate yourself about pedophilia in the priesthood. I recommend you read the book "Goodbye, Good Men" which shows that the problem is due to seminaries accepting homosexuals and turning away others. When our seminaries stop accepting men with disordered sexual attractions (for people of the same gender) this problem will go away. Even so, studies have shown that a child is more likely to be abused by a public school teacher than by a Catholic priest, and also that no organization does better than the Catholic Church in their strategies to protect children from abuse. If you're going to point the finger of blame at someone, the least you could do is educate yourself about the issue instead of adopting the anti-Catholic knee-jerkism of the mainstream media.

BlackTsunami said...

Lisa, if I am to be educated, it won't be from you because of several errors you made. 1. With all of the venom launched against gays by archbishops and the Pope himself, the idea that gays are being allowed in seminaries is illogical. It sounds as if that book you cited and you yourself are claiming that if a man molests a boy, then that man is gay. That theory is inaccurate according to medical experts, including the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. 2. I don't know where u dug up the second study but it is irrelevant because it doesn't remove the fact that children - both boys and girls - are being molested by Catholic priests and the Catholic hierarchy are hiding this abuse and throwing money around to cover it up - check my link. Therefore the Catholic hierarchy has NO ROOM to attack gay parents. It's hypocritical. End of story.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to Lisa, in support of BlackTsunami's response. The RCC has been abusive of human sexuality in general. It is not surprising that individuals who are afraid of facing their innate sexual realities might turn to the celibate demands of the priesthood. The command of celibacy is, in and of itself, abuse, dismissing all other forms of sexual expression as lesser (which is a little weird coming from the same organization that condemns contraceptives and says opposite-sex marriages are vital to the survival of society). By so dismissing sexual expression, priests are driven to think of their sexual drive as inherently evil (all the more so if they are already inclined towards 'aberrant' sexual expression). It should not (and clearly does not) surprise the Catholic hierarchy that the result of these abuses is that the priests then turn on those most vulnerable. Sexuality is a gift from God, to be celebrated between loving, consenting adults. The RCC has spit on this gift and condemns any that would celebrate it appropriately. Should it be any surprise, then, that the result is to take inappropriate outlets?

Lore said...

Lisa, if anyone is to be educate, it is you my dear. It is true what "BlackTsunami says, if your Church was accepting Homosexuals into the seminary then why I ask, is the Vatican having a go at them and saying they have no rights? Answer that.
I have many a gay and lesbian friend and family member and in NO WAY would they hurt a child. I would like to point out that many of the Peadophiles out there are actually STRAIGHT!

Get over yourself lady and you become the educated one, then, we'll talk.

P.S: Sorry Tsunami but her comment really had me riled! It is like back in the day when they believed we were diseased and contagious just because we were disabled.

Rachel Booker said...

What Lisa and most others fail to recall is that the Catholic Church came into power at a time when property was owned only by the wealthy aristocracy. The earliest priests of the Christian faith were not required to be celibate. When Catholicism became more than a small cult in Rome and started to become a world recognized power, it became the custom for the first-born son to be the heir, the second to go to the military and the third to the priesthood. Given the mortality rates in medieval Europe, it was not at all uncommon for first and second sons to die, leaving the third son to inherit everything. The Catholic Church imposed celibacy on its priests so they could sire no heirs of their own, and poverty so any property they inherited automatically became the property of the Church. How do you think it became so wealthy?