Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'No gays allowed' prom idea backfires on organizers' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

'Gay-free' prom idea backfires on supporters in Indiana town - MSNBC is now saying that idea of a "traditional" prom with no gays allowed has backfired on the organizers with the school and the church where they met coming out against their idea. I can remember a day when they would have been widely applauded. I do love change.  

BREAKING: French National Assembly Approves Marriage Equality And Same-Sex Adoption - That tremor you just felt? Members of the National Organization for Marriage suffering a spell of mass fainting. So much for THAT French Revolution the organization was pushing. At least Brian Brown got a free trip to France.  

We're Not Saying Gays Are Pedophiles, But… - Attack of the "yeah, but Christians."

 Pentagon to extend additional benefits to same-sex service members and their families - Sweet!

 Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets Star, Becomes First NBA Player To Join Gay Rights Sports Group - Good for him! I do love getting allies.  

Pedophilia Myth Tainted Cable News Coverage Of Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Ban - Ugly madness

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Erica Cook said...

On the Indiana prom story. I live in the state. The notion of a school not being inclusive isn't a stretch at all. Its just that it's not likely to be school sanctioned. Like the story about the boy who brought a tazor. They won't overtly go after or exclude. They'll just blame the victome saying, "well, you shouldn't have been so different." I know first hand. I was bullied and molested for being LD and suspected of being gay.