Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scenes from the Prop 8 trial - history through different eyes

So many things happened today during the historic Supreme Court trial on Prop 8, I thought I would simply post links and allow you to pick on what you wanted to focus:  

Megyn Kelly To Maggie Gallagher: How Is Prop 8 Different From A Ban On Interracial Marriage? - Okay you know it gets weird when Fox News challenges your homophobia

 Fox News Contributors Say Marriage Equality Would Criminalize Christianity - There we go! THAT's the Fox News I know and despise.  

NOM #marriagemarch suporter defines 'Real Men' - Jeremy Hooper attended NOM's ridiculous rally. Apparently he is more of a sadist than I am. Check out this nauseating bit and look for more on his blog.  

VIDEO: Conservatives At Anti-Gay Marriage Rally Undercut One Of Their Primary Talking Points - Feel free to enjoy. I don't have the strength. 

 Mike Huckabee Threatens GOP: Support Marriage Equality And Evangelicals Will Form Third Party - Feel free to destroy yourselves. As long as I get a front row seat.

  Op-ed: The 6 Most Absurd Prop. 8 Briefs - Yes, the homophobes went brief crazy. 

 Attorney Arguing For Prop 8 Admits His Argument Sucks, Basically - Yes he did.

 NOM's 'Historic' Fail - And NOM's march sucked also.

 The 60 Best Signs Against DOMA And Prop 8 At The Supreme Court - Let's end this post with a bit of frivolity.


Anonymous said...

I don't get how homosexuals getting married to each other will "Criminalize Christianity", yet if atheists get married, everyone is generally more ho-hum.

Gregory Peterson said...

Is Mike Huckabee channeling the ghost of Strom Thurmond?