Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Consensus - Supreme Court ruling MAY BE partial victory for gays' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

What a morning at the Supreme Court! Transcripts will be ready soon (and unfortunately, I will still be at work) so allow me to break down the possible, too-early to tell but folks are talking anyway consensus. While not an embracing of full marriage equality for the entire nation by the judges, it is also believed that Prop 8 may just stay invalidated. Even though I don't live in California, I would take that and love it:

Supreme Court Proposition 8 Case Arguments Cast Doubt On Gay Marriage Ban - If Prop 8 stays overturned, it may come down to an argument which NOM tried so hard to omit from everyone's mind - children in same-sex families. 

 The Proposition 8 oral argument - And a more detailed view from SCOTUSblog .

  Republicans Admit Intention To Sugarcoat Their Opposition To LGBT Equality - Meanwhile, Republicans are clueless as what to do so they are waiting.  

Concerned Women for America: Starbucks Discriminates Against Straight People by Supporting Gay Rights - Oh good grief!

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