Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The love of bigots . . .

I know. The Catholic Church has a new Pope and he is as bad as the last one. Oh well, I wasn't all that surprised. What surprised me today is yet another reference to the "homosexuality/outlet plug reference." To those who are not familiar with this inane thing, it is yet another way as to how the religious right attempts to reduce lgbt relationships to that of sexual matters, like so:

Yet another demonstration of the saying, "the love of bigots is more dangerous than their hatred."


Anonymous said...

There is one thing about the new pope that makes me suspect he won't be quite as bad. He's a Jesuit and a former Chemistry teacher.

And one thing I note about Jesuits, they tend to either be outright atheists or they fence sit but they're also highly and I mean HIGHLY educated.

So there might be some hope that maybe he's a deceiver and he might be as liberal as John XXIII.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally go for this sort of comment but if you turned the sound off, they really would look like two gay man talking fashion on Bravo. Their clothes and that production set are really over the top.