Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anti-gay parenting study author casting his lot with NOM

If folks are hoping that Mark Regnerus will plead any mea culpa regarding new allegations about his anti-gay parenting study and how the anti-gay funders may have influenced it, I think the following announcement from Jennifer Roback of NOM's Ruth Institute should give an indication that as to why that probably won't happen:

Protect Marriage Conference in San Diego May 30

I wrote to you earlier about the Ruth Institute annual three day pro-marriage conference here in San Diego for university students and young adults, called, “It Takes a Family to Raise a Village,”  or ITAF.  I want you to know that the deadline for application is coming up on March 15th, later this week.  So please, please, tell your students, interns, seminarians or other young adults who would benefit from the  ITAF program that they need to get on with it and apply now!!

This seminar-style conference brings together young adults, 18-30, for an intense inter-disciplinary, inter-faith program that will help them make an informed and compassionate case for natural marriage, one man, one woman for life.  Our graduates have gone on to form clubs, start their own blogs, be guests on radio programs and write for established internet outlets. This year our conference is in a beautiful San Diego resort, the Town and Country. We’ll be hosting about 35 students and a dynamic panel of speakers.

This three day event is FREE for students and includes all the lectures, food, transportation in San Diego, lodging, plus a travel stipend to assist them in travelling to San Diego.

And guess who just happens to be one of the speakers at this "Protect Marriage" conference:

 Mark Regnerus, Ph.D. He is associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, and a research associate of the university’s Population Research Center. His areas of research are sexual behavior and family formation. He is the author of the important new work on adult children of parents who had same sex relationships. He is also the author of two books on the sexual behavior of teenagers and young adults.

To me, it's more fascinating that his study - the item which he is more famous, or infamous, for is conveniently not mentioned in his biography except for a vague reference.

 I should mention that Roback and other speakers of the conference, i.e. Robert Gagnon have been extremely vocal as to their objections not only of lgbt equality but gay parenting and same-sex households in general.

I think it's safe to assume that Regnerus no longer cares about faking objectivity when it comes to where he stands on the subject of gay parenting.

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EvilI said...

"He is the author of the important new work on adult children of parents who had same sex relationships."

looks like a mention to me, if a vague one.
A surprisingly honest one, since she doesn't call it a study of kids raised in gay families which is what they usually claim it is as I understand it.

Mark said...

"He is the author of the important new work on adult children of parents who had same sex relationships."

I believe that line in his biography refers to the infamous study, so it is included.

Unknown said...

I hope that sniveling little bigot Regnerus enjoys the money his bigoted buddies are surely showering him with. He's gonna need that to retire on ten years from now when he can't get a job in his field of study because that gaybashing hatchetjob is the only work he's ever remembered for.

Unknown said...

so, a well-known fraudster is joining NOM...he'll feel right at home, I should think.

BlackTsunami said...

Already made the correction ;p

Vira said...

I would imagine that the far-right crackpot market is the only market Regnerus will be able to crack from here on out. They'll stuff a few singles in his academic thong, he'll give them their lap dance, and they'll be done with him.