Friday, May 03, 2013

Religious right make 'propaganda -mentary' about gays in the Boy Scouts

Well I suppose this "documentary" about how gays will destroy the Boy Scouts was bound to happen. Religious right groups have been making all sorts of videos lately and none of them have been any good.

Editor's note - No doubt you all have noticed that the Know Your LGBT History segments have been on hiatus. That might become permanent. After over 100 segments, it may be time to put the series to rest. I will let you know what I decide at a later date.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I would be more worried about the 1 gay scout getting his ass kicked by the rest of the boys. That happens more then you think it would.
I did notice the history lesson missing. I enjoyed them all and learned alot about our culture and our LGBT community. Maybe a link to the list so I can continue to send our young people. Over the years my wife and I have had many young people come out to us asking for help. One of the first things I do is tell them to learn their history. We are a huge part of our nations history that is untold. They need know what was happening in our community and our contributions to society. American history classes have a big hole when it comes to gay history and culture. Thanks for all your hard work.

Christian said...

I wonder if they have ever thought about how many gay scout leaders there have been in the past and how it did not affect anyone. Do these people fear that someone can actually be proud of their sexuality?

Sera Wohldmann said...

I think you should certainly keep the archive, but maybe only add to it if you discover something to add, rather than be bound by a weekly requirement. My suggestion as one of the silent regular readers.