Thursday, July 11, 2013

'LGBT group has anti-gay author pleading for mercy ' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Message From The Gay Community To Orson Scott Card: ‘Try Again, Sir.’Sorry Mr. Card but your goose is cooked. LGBTs are consumers with money and we don't forget a thing.

 Kane won't defend Pa. in gay-marriage suit, sources say - That loud pop you hear are religious right heads exploding.  

School Threatens To Kick Out Transgender Nursing Student For Using Bathroom - This is a travesty!

 Video: Bryan Fischer links homosexuality to Eliot Spitzer's dalliances with sex workers - Let me get this right. A heterosexual government official gets into trouble for dalliances with heterosexual prostitutes, but somehow its the fault of the lgbt community?  

STUDY: LGBT Youth Face High Levels Of Cyberbullying - This isn't good at all. Excellent report about a sad problem.

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btmom said...

It's not just LGBT viewers/readers who are boycotting Orson Scott Card. Many straight people are, too. His philosophy has become so virulent and hateful over the years that my husband and I will not give him another penny of our money. And his plea for mercy? I've never seen anything less honest or less apologetic. NOM has not given up the fight by any means. His views are by no stretch of the imagination "moot" and I don't for a moment believe he will stop using his name and his resources to fight equality for LGBT people. We should all boycott him, indefinitely. If you want to read his books, buy used off eBay. His movie will hit TV someday (or maybe you can get a used or bootleg DVD). Let him live with the consequences of his hate.

SF fans - at least the older ones like me - are people who believe in diversity and equality. We know the world is bound to change and embrace it.