Friday, July 12, 2013

'New anti-gay smear campaign brands same-sex parenting as child abuse' and other Friday midday news briefs

 Conservatives’ New Smear Campaign: Same-Sex Parenting Is ‘Child Abuse’ - Think Progress adds excellent context to the post I wrote earlier today.

Listen up, class—Ms. Gallagher will now lead you in Boycotting Ethics 101 - The more Maggie Gallagher tries to lie in her defense of Orson Scott Cards's bigotry while attacking lgbts for boycotting him (even though her group, NOM, has started boycotts - i.e. Starbucks - the more she continues to dig the hole for Scott, herself, and NOM. To paraphrase President Obama in his second debate with Romney, "please proceed, Sister Maggie La La." 

Fox's Starnes Laments That The Military Doesn't Allow Anti-Gay Insubordination - In which Fox News propaganda artist Todd Starnes fails to turn a case of punished military insubordination into that of "anti-Christian persecution."  

Veterans Health Administration Takes Lead In Providing LGBT Healthcare - Excellent news!  

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