Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Religious right spokesman wants to ban gays from serving in public office

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association doesn't think lgbts - or "practicing homosexuals" as he calls them - shouldn't be able to serve in public office. And he has a logical explanation. Too bad the logic comes from Bizarro land


Jim Hlavac said...

Last I recall -- Weiner was displaying his wares to anyone he could outside of the privacy of his own bedroom -- seems not even to have told the lady whose bed he shares.

Meanwhile, every hetero politician, hell, every hetero, talks about their loved ones -- so, why can't we? What is that to do with sex?

And what does Hetero Weiner have to do with gay men? Is there anything this man can't segue to gay on? Do we butter our toast too loudly?

Ray Butterfield said...

Bryan is a frustrated closeted man. He talks more about homo sex than I do and I'm bi.