Thursday, July 25, 2013

Religious right ratcheting up vicious attacks on same-sex families

An online friend of mine noticed something and I have to agree. Since losing the court cases over DOMA and Prop8, religious right figures and spokespeople have been viciously attacking not just lgbts but also our families, including our children. I've already talked about NOM's newest patsy, Robert Oscar Lopez, a man who was supposedly raised in a same-sex household.

But apparently he isn't the only one attacking same-sex families. The above clip is Linda Harvey of Mission America and according to Right-Wing Watch:

Harvey  . . . recounted her experience at a Pride Parade this year to rant against same-sex parents, suggesting that their kids intrinsically know something is wrong and are disturbed by their parents’ relationship: “Children know and sense deep deception and most children will sense something is not right with being proud of homosexuality.” She found it “heartbreaking to see homosexuals haul their children proudly in front of thousands of people in the recent Columbus Pride Parade,” particularly a family with an “exploitative sign” which read “I love my two dads.” Harvey hopes listeners tell the kids of same-sex couples that they should urge their parents to become ex-gays: “No one has to pursue a homosexual lifestyle and anyone with sense and genuine love for both the child and for our God and for his plans for us will tell that child the truth: lots of people have left homosexual desires and behavior to live lives consistent with the way God clearly made us.”

I don't know if Harvey has any children of her own. Regardless, she would be best served stop butting into the lives of other families and attend to her own.


Anonymous said...

She has two kids.

Anonymous said...

Sad. I shudder to think this lying bigot is in a position to have any influence on children. Hated is not inate; it has to be taught.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I wonder if she feels the same way about families like the ones I saw outside of the abortion clinic with their kids, protesting the freedom of a woman's choice. Exploitation? I'll see your exploitation and raise you a walking billboard!

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Harvey is a good example of the mind set of Ohio. Lopez must be the only child of lesbian parents to complain. We are not hearing from any other children except ones like Zach Wahls and his friends who support LGBT parents.
The opposition grabs onto anything to support their side. They will take one of the very few incidents and ride it for all it's worth. So Lopez had a crappy childhood. BFD. So did millions of kids but that is not a reason or proof that SS parents are bad. REAL studies have made it clear our kids turn out equal to and sometimes better than children of str8 parents.

Christian said...

Repowomen said it perfectly. How often do you see Christians exploiting children. answer all the time. However, since they believe in magic (not necessarily the children) it is acceptable.