Friday, August 23, 2013

'Right-wing FURIOUS that courts won't let them discriminate against gays' and other Friday midday news briefs

Right-Wing Media Cry "Tyranny" Over Enforcement Of New Mexico's Non-Discrimination Law - Sorry guys, but you have the follow the rules just like everyone else. If you let photographers discriminate on the basis of "religious beliefs" today, tomorrow it may be apartment complex owners, or restaurants, or maybe even pharmacies. It's neither fair nor right.

5 most absurd, self-pitying gripes of the Christian Right - I'm amazed that the author found just five.

Senator Claims Pentagon Policy Allowing Gays To Marry Harms Straight Couples - Tell you what. Give us the right to be legally married in all 50 states (like straight couples have) and we wouldn't need a policy like this one.  

Daily Beast Publishes Piece Suggesting Prison Is Pretty Great For Transgender People - I read that piece and it was a HOT MESS! Whatever happened to standards a publication should follow when publishing material?  

Center for Marriage Policy Worries Lesbians Will Trick Gay Men Into Fathering Their Children And Become Their Slaves - Ooo Lawd!


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Lesbians tricking gay men into fathering a child? Do they understand what being gay/lesbian means or how really stupid that statement is?

They do make fools of themselves when trying to convince others how they are the victims. Bryan Fischer equating himself with the history of African Americans because of anti-discrimination laws puts me through a host of emotions from laughter to anger. What does this STUPID, white, str8, Christian male know about discrimination!

Thanks for the cool links.

George said...

David Usher has to be one of the stupidest people around if he thinks that lesbians are going to trick gay men into having sex.

Patrick said...

OK, someone has some serious mommy issues. Honestly, if David Usher really thinks that women are going to entrap men like that, I pity him. He has a seriously warped view of women. He needs to get off the cross and go see a therapist.