Friday, August 23, 2013

Bryan Fischer anoints Christians as the ‘new Black’ after court ruling

The New Mexico Supreme Court just ruled against a wedding photographer who refused to service a gay couple, saying that “personal religious beliefs” is not grounds for discrimination.

Naturally,  Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is all broken up over the ruling:

Cry me a river, Fischer.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

So he thinks anti-discrimination laws makes him equal to a Black man?!
He has NO idea what discrimination really is. The Judge said it right when he stated, “The Constitution guarantees religious freedom in this country, but we are not entitled to use our beliefs as an excuse to discriminate against other people.”
That does NOT in any way, shape or form turn poor Bryan into anything but a raving idiot.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this asshole is off his psychomeds again. What a miserable closeted homosexual.