Friday, March 14, 2014

'AFA cuts ties with anti-gay group leader Austin Ruse after comments supporting murder of university leaders' and other Friday midday news briefs

No matter how they attempt to twist it, it's nasty images and claims like above which is a main reason why organizations like NOM is losing in their war against marriage equality and lgbt families. Desiring a family and the taking care of children is not a competition between the lgbt and heterosexual community. It's a simple fact that all of the false talking points and junk science can't erase.

In other news:  

American Family Association Cuts Ties With Austin Ruse After He Called For Professors To Be Shot - Damn! You know you must be really out there if the American Family Association (who employs the insanely homophobic Bryan Fischer) thinks you are too extreme to be associated with.  

Why The Most Often Cited Anti-Gay ‘Expert’ Has Nothing Useful To Say About Same-Sex Marriage - Speaking of anti-gay junk science, Zack Ford of Think Progress completely decimates Mark Regenrus' infamous junk study on same-sex families and children.  

Porno Pete Upset About Nice Honey Maid Ad Featuring Wholesome Gay Family - Gasp! How dare an ad show a normal gay family!  

The State of Black LGBT People and Their Families - Cause you just KNOW that neither Roland Martin nor the rest of the heterosexual black media will talk about this crucial issue.

 Obama Administration Orders Some Insurers To Cover Gay Spouses - Slowly but surely, equality will happen.

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