Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anti-gay group leader Austin Ruse flees twitter after controversial comments about shooting university leaders

Oh you "mean, intolerant" progressives and liberals! What did you do to "poor" Austin Ruse.

Yesterday,  Ruse - president of the SPLC-designated anti-gay hate group the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute - made the wild comment that university leaders should be lined up and shot.

Earlier today, he wrapped himself up in ghetto- fabulous bravado, alternating between claims that he made the comments as a figure of speech, he made the comments to get the liberals upset, and it doesn't really matter because "dumb liberals" are trying to silence him:

I guess he got the message that no one was buying his ridiculous explanations because Ruse later took his profile off of twitter completely.  I really can't blame him for this. I would catch his occasional twitter comments today and he was getting blitzed by folks either angered or alarmed at his rhetoric.

But I dare anyone to defend Ruse as a victim of any alleged persecution.  Let's be real here. Even if Ruse's comments were in fact a "figure of speech," lining people up to be executed isn't exactly the best thing to make light of. This bloody action has been done multiple times throughout history and to many groups, including university professors and leaders.

And let's not forget why his organization is declared an anti-gay hate group, i.e. its support of the anti-gay laws in Russia and wish that such laws existed in America.

So while Ruse spooked some folks in column A (university leaders, professors, etc.) with his comments, some of us folks in column B (the lgbt community)  can't be blamed to wonder if Ruse was thinking up another line of execution with us in mind.

As far as I'm concerned, it's good riddance to nasty rubbish.

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KT said...

What a creep. Here's hoping people like that keep getting drowned out by more reasonable voices.