Thursday, April 03, 2014

Family Research Council mistaking God for a Fox News viewer

Either the Family Research Council is obsessed with attacking the credibility of the Southern Poverty Law Center . . .

 . . . or the group is secretly working to increase my hit count.

The latest attack on SPLC from FRC comes in the form of the prayer to God (link courtesy of Right Wing Watch):

"May God intervene to stop the systematic defamation of those who honorably defend Biblical values. May believers everywhere pray and stand with all such. May they know spiritual and physical safety and God's protection from every scheme formed against them!"

FRC is obviously making a public show of praying because surely the organization can't have the audacity to pray to God on this matter.

God's not stupid and He doesn't fall for lies. He knows all of the deceptions and lies of the Family Research Council.

 But for the benefit of those who don't, the following video is a definition of how the Family Research Council supposedly "honorably defends Biblical values:"

Apparently the Family Research Council has mistaken God for a gullible Fox News viewer if  the organization is truly praying to Him to defend this tripe.

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