Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy lgbt cure for a rotten day

Dear readers, I am having an internally ROTTEN day in which I am questioning myself and the goals of my blog. Not to worry because it will pass.

But until it does, there is no way I am going to deal with the likes of the Family Research Council, etc. Instead, let's have a happy video, such as the first gay wedding which took place in London last weekend. It's just one of the things we are fighting for and it's a definite reminder for me:


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Take a break. Dealing with all this crap can wear you down.
Please don't stop blogging. You are an important part of the spreading the news!
You lead us to important pieces that are missed by others and the only one I get the view from the black perspective. That alone is sooooo important.
Thanks to you indirectly, LGBT people of color are coming out left and right from the entertainment industry to sports.
You helped that happen.
Go play! Find an outlet for your disgust and be good to yourself. Just come back. While there might not be the feedback you want or need, we are still out here reading and passing the news along.

Erica Cook said...

In the words of Debbie Novotny, "Mourn your losses because they are many, and celebrate your victories because they are few.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

sending cheers your way!