Tuesday, April 01, 2014

'Lawmaker: Sweat spreads HIV, Todd Starnes caught spreading another lie' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Todd Starnes just won't stop spreading lies.
Nutty MN Lawmaker Claims That Sweat Spreads HIV - And that's the least of his wild claims.It's funny to read except for when you read the word "lawmaker," as in one who is making the laws. It's not so funny then to realize what power this man has. 

MN group founded by lawmaker creates bizarre anti-gay video claiming HIV is transmitted in sweat - More details, including exact refutation of this awful man's propaganda. Can we stop laughing and take this in, please. This man is peddling stuff over 20 years old. There is no excuse for something this foul to have this much power against us for so long except for the fact that we have been derelict in calling it out. 

 The Religious Right's Never-Ending Campaign To Gin Up Tales Of Victimization Rolls On - And you just know that "rentboy for de Lawd" Todd Starnes is in the middle of this lie, per usual.  

Michigan AG relegates one anti-LGBT brief to birdcage—but is it all that different? - Michigan attorney general refuses to use one anti-gay brief in his defense of anti-marriage equality laws because he finds it reprehensible. However, as Jeremy Hooper points out, the points raised in it are no different than what has been said by anti-gay groups.  

NY chef awarded $1.6 million after restaurant owner promises her ‘hell’ for being a lesbian - And yes, the restaurant owner did plead the First Amendment argument. It didn't work.

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