Monday, June 23, 2014

Anti-gay group pulling the ' won't someone think of the children' card against ENDA

Recently, an article in the Huffington Post said that President Obama has quietly been making progress pushing for the rights of the transgender community. Now add this to the news that he will soon be pushing an executive order keeping companies who do business with the federal government from discriminating against lgbts.

Separately, the two items enough to get the anti-gay groups upset. Combine the two bits of news together, and you will receive evil nonsense like this from the Liberty Counsel, home of Congressional misleader Mat Staver and the increasingly unhinged Matt Barber:

A mother calls Liberty Counsel after her six-year-old little girl is assaulted by a gender-confused, adult male exposing himself in the swim team locker room. Another child cries that she doesn’t want to go back to school because she doesn’t like sharing the bathroom with a gender-confused boy. A teacher calls after her freshmen girls’ soccer team complains of a boy in the locker room.

These are the faces of ENDA-like legislation that is sweeping the country.  Disguised under the term “employment nondiscrimination,” ENDA singles out and targets childhood innocence. No one wants discrimination, least of all against children.

Now, President Obama is reportedly going to sign an executive order to add ENDA protection to employees of federal contractors.

Liberty Counsel is encouraging its members to speak up and debunk the ENDA myth. Tell your family and neighbors that ENDA hurts children. Encourage members of Congress to speak up on this issue. Thank House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) for standing steadfast against the assault on childhood.

Exemptions for religious people are not broad enough. They do not protect children from gender-confused adults.

I seriously question the truthiness of these two anecdotes. What's happening is always what happens when any thoughts of ENDA rolls around - religious right groups and spokespeople begin spinning lies about children being exposed to "burly men with five o'clock shadow in short skirts," or even worse:

Like always, these so-called Christians, marketing propaganda, spin needless fear of ENDA. It's an old tactic but we shouldn't be surprised.

Anti-gay groups are totally devoid of any credibility or new ideas. That's the reason why they are losing the fight against marriage equality. And it will be the reason why they will lose the fight against ENDA.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

The last picture is awful! There have not been any problems like they claim. No transgender person is going to do something like that and surely no transgender child would.
These people claim to know what is going on when they don't have a clue. Self-imposed ignorance is an unacceptable excuse for telling lies.