Monday, June 23, 2014

'Family Research Council caught distorting pro-gay poll' & other Monday midday news briefs

FRC is an extremely deceitful org: Example #1,234,234,921 - At this point, catching the Family Research spinning distortions against the lgbt community is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. However, as long as the group has credibility in D.C. as a "traditional values" group, let's continue to hit those fish.  
FRC Claims Majority Oppose LGBT Workplace Protections, Cites A Poll That Says The Opposite - More about that FRC deception. 

Republican Senator Says Republicans Must Abandon Same-Sex Marriage Issue To Win Elections - Good luck with that one. How long will it be before we get a harangue from those talking about "standing up for principles and values at the cost of elections" even with those "principles and values" have no grounding in fairness or integrity.  

Obama Administration Sanctions Uganda for Anti-Gay Legislation - Well it's about time. No money for nations who will persecute my people.

 AFA Wants Libraries To Dump 'Sexually Perverse' Gay Children's Book - No surprise that the book is not "sexually perverse." I wonder how Brown feels about the story about one little girl living in a forest with seven "questionable" little men or a girl who haven't had a haircut since she was born getting pregnant by a prince who visits her tower, or two children abandoned in the forest by their parents and nearly become cannibalized by a witch. And I won't EVEN MENTION what the prince did in the original version of 'Sleeping Beauty;' a version which is in some libraries.

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Erica Cook said...

So, I'm going to come off as some radical nut job here, but I don't care. The president of Uganda declared war on all gays. One doesn't figuratively declare war, they either do or don't. He did. We are at war and it is time we acted like it.