Monday, June 23, 2014

Sorry guys, you are anti-gay bigots. Own up to your righfully called name

I am not sure what type of publication the Daily Signal is, but one thing is clear about it.

It's definitely not an accurate one. The National Organization for Marriage is using it to deflect from the piss poor march it held last week:

There's little doubt that the mainstream media is complicit in the effort to redefine marriage, one only has to sit through prime time television or subscribe to an internet news service to have same-sex marriage messages bombard your senses. But when several thousand American's descend upon our nation's capital to defend and march for true marriage and every child's right to experience the love and nurture of both a mother and a father, the media is deaf and dumb. Daily Signal reporter Kelsey Harkness, writes, "Yet, as thousands gathered in the sun today on Capitol Hill to rally behind the historic and tradition views of marriage — as the union of one man and one woman – relatively few reporters were in sight. The advance of same-sex marriage, in contrast, has been much in the media spotlight." She then asked three prominent speakers for their opinion of this issue. 

Obviously, Harkness is either lying or she doesn't know how to count. At the very best, march had 2,000 participants and at the very least, 1,500. It's hardly the throng she makes it sound.

But her interviews with the three speakers, particularly Mike Huckabee, because they represent a talking point which the lgbt community must recognize and overcome:

Huckabee obviously spoke at a different march. In truth, he is applying a diversionary tactic, i.e. whining so loudly about being falsely labeled as a bigot, folks are distracted as to why such designations are appropriate.  And he is not the only one. NOM has built its entire movement on this distraction. Also, when the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the Family Research Council and other anti-gay organizations to be hate groups, they whined extensively about folks not wanting to debate them on lgbt issues, making sure that the volume of their whine drowned out those who did want to debate their tactics with regards to lgbt issues.

Unfortunately to Huckabee, we all aren't as deliberately oblivious as he wants us to be. I would love for him to defend the following signs from NOM supporters during the march as examples of tradition:

No matter how Huckabee attempts to spin it, very few people are stupid enough to fall for his whine. Maybe it's just my traditional values, but I believe that if you attend a march with signs talking about how "gay sex leads to adult diapers," how "gay marriage is Satanic," and other signs about "sodomy," that makes you either a bigot, a very, very money conscious vendor, or maybe a very persistent Jehovah's witness. And somehow I doubt Huckabee and company fall under those last two categories.

Thank you Right Wing Watch and Bilerico Project for the pictures.

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Gregory Peterson said...

Way back when both he and I were young men, Frank Schaeffer was a popular up and coming religious-right activist...but then he had a change of heart.

(I was getting interested in the religious-right as a socio-political, neo-white privilege movement.)

"Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is like Some Mafia Thug, Actually Worse"